Language and Logic

Author Title Main area Type
Paul Dekker Theory of Interpretation LaLo Advanced
David Beaver and Kai von Fintel Variable costs LaLo Advanced
Natasha Korotkova Speech reports LaLo Advanced
Stergios Chatzikyriakidis and Zhaohui Luo From Montague Semantics to Modern Type Theories: A Meaningful Comparison LaLo Advanced
Maziar Toosarvandani Semantics and pragmatics of temporal sequencing LaLo Advanced
Staffan Larsson and Robin Cooper Modelling linguistic communication using types LaLo Foundational
Niki Pfeifer Probability logic, language, and the mind LaLo Foundational
Kata Balogh and Wiebke Petersen Formal Languages in Theory and Practice LaLo Foundational
André Bazzoni and Manuel García-Carpintero Proper Names: Logic, Semantics, and Metaphysics LaLo Introductory
Lelia Glass Distributivity: Debates, advances, questions LaLo Introductory
Yoad Winter Formal Semantics of Natural Language LaLo Introductory
Daniel Altshuler and Julian Schlöder Anaphora and ambiguity in narratives LaLo Introductory
Lisa Bylinina and Rick Nouwen Numeral semantics LaLo Introductory
Paolo Santorio and Fabrizio Cariani Probabilities and counterfactuals LaLo Introductory
Alexandre Cremers Model design in R: Testing complex semantic theories with simple statistical tools LaLo Introductory
Grégoire Winterstein, Elin McCready and Christopher Davis Integrating Approaches to Social Meaning 2 LaLo Workshop