Date Courses Evening Lectures Social Events Registration
Sun 4.08 TBA
Mon 5.08 Overview of Week 1 Welcome Reception TBA
Tue 6.08 Kai von Fintel (MIT, USA) TBA
Wed 7.08 Lecturers’ dinner TBA
Thu 8.08 Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh (Queen Mary University of London, UK) TBA
Fri 9.08 ESSLLI Party TBA
Sat 10.08 Formal Grammar 2019 Excursions TBA
Sun 11.08 TBA
Mon 12.08 Overview of Week 2 Soccer Match TBA
Tue 13.08 The Richard T. Oehrle Memorial Lecture Cleo Condoravdi (Stanford University, USA) TBA
Wed 14.08 Lecturers’ dinner TBA
Thu 15.08 Andris Ambainis (University of Latvia, Latvia) TBA
Fri 16.08 TBA