Author Title Main area Type
Shane Steinert-Threlkeld and Jakub Szymanik Learnability of Quantifiers LaCo Introductory
Martha Lewis and Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh Vector Space Models of Meaning LaCo Introductory
Tom Heyman and Steven Verheyen Open Science: A Hands-On Primer LaCo Introductory
Anna Rogers Introduction to NLP with Python
LaCo Introductory
Tatjana Scheffler Shallow Discourse Parsing LaCo Introductory
Dario Paape Breaking the rules? Good-enough processing and related phenomena LaCo Introductory
Simon Dobnik and John Kelleher Language, Action and Perception (APL-ESSLLI) – Course Proposal for ESSLLI 2019 LaCo Introductory
Daniel Altshuler and Julian Schlöder Anaphora and ambiguity in narratives LaLo Introductory
Lelia Glass Distributivity: Debates, advances, questions LaLo Introductory
Yoad Winter Formal Semantics of Natural Language LaLo Introductory
Paolo Santorio and Fabrizio Cariani Probabilities and counterfactuals LaLo Introductory
Lisa Bylinina and Rick Nouwen Numeral semantics LaLo Introductory
Alexandre Cremers Model design in R: Testing complex semantic theories with simple statistical tools LaLo Introductory
André Bazzoni and Manuel García-Carpintero Proper Names: Logic, Semantics, and Metaphysics LaLo Introductory
Fernando R. Velázquez-Quesada Logical Dynamics of Social Interaction: Social Influence LoCo Introductory
Jeff Horty and Eric Pacuit Logics of Action, Ability, Knowledge and Obligation LoCo Introductory
Pavel Naumov Resources, Knowledge, and Actions LoCo Introductory
Andrea Aler Tubella and Lutz Straßburger An introduction to deep inference LoCo Introductory
Sophia Knight and Aybüke Özgün Topological Approaches to Epistemic Logic LoCo Introductory
Valentin Goranko Games Logicians Play LoCo Introductory
Andrzej Murawski and Nikos Tzevelekos Game Semantics LoCo Introductory
Leszek Wronski and Michał Tomasz Godziszewski Epistemic Inaccuracy and Degrees of Belief: Conceptual and Mathematical Foundations of Formal Epistemology LoCo Introductory