Program Committee

Chair: Louise McNally (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain)
Local Co-chair: Jurģis Šķilters (University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia)

Area Chairs Language and Computation:

Kees van Deemter (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
Raquel Fernández (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Tal Linzen (Johns Hopkins University, USA)

Area Chairs Language and Logic:

Heather Burnett (CNRS/ Université de Paris 7-Denis Diderot, France)
Justyna Grudzińska (University of Warsaw, Poland)
Itamar Francez (University of Chicago, USA)

Area Chairs Logic and Computation:

Bob Coecke (University of Oxford, UK)
Nina Gierasimczuk (Danish Technical University, Denmark)
Gabriel Sandu (University of Helsinki, Finland)

Organizing Committee

OC chair: Juris Borzovs, (University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia)
OC co-chair: Līga Zariņa, (University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia)
Guntis Arnicāns, (University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia)
Inga Medvedis, (University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia)
Rihards Rūmnieks, (University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia)
Jānis Stonis,
(University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia)
Jeļena Poļakova, (University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia)
Ģirts Karnītis
(University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia)
Krista Pētersone (University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia)
Uģis Bisenieks (University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia)
Ojārs Krūmiņš (University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia)
Ieva Lapiņa (University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia)
Dace Mileika (University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia)

Trusted Person

The ESSLLI Summer Schools are famous for their pleasant atmosphere and for the social and friendly nature of its participants.

Of course, on an event of the scale like that of ESSLLI mishappenings in conduct cannot be logically excluded. We therefore have to emphasize that the ESSLLI organization does not tolerate behavior that any decent being can conceive to be inappropriate. ESSLLI expels all sorts of physical and mental harassment, all sorts of discrimination and unwarranted incrimination, and any other unlawful acts.

In order to secure against such mishappenings ESSLLI provides for a Trusted Person to whom one can report experienced and observed misbehavior of the kinds mentioned. The Trusted Person maintains strict confidentiality, meaning that (s)he does not communicate anything (s)he has heard in his/her position, if not explicitly licensed by the Trust Seeking Person. If so instructed, the Trusted Person is also appointed to act so as to prevent further misbehavior.

The Trusted Person at ESSLLI-2019 is Juris Borzovs .