Student Hostels

The University of Latvia offers 2 levels of comfort

1. University of Latvia Hostel “PRĪMA”

Address: Mazā Lubānas iela 6, Rīga. 3.5 km from the center of Riga.

Link to the location:

  • One shared bathroom per two rooms. 2-6 people;
  • One shared kitchen on each floor;
  • Cafe on the ground floor;
  • Convenient public transport
  • Available room types: single; double rooms; triple rooms

2. Other University of Latvia hostels

with the same level of comfort and planning:

Mazā Lubānas ielā 11;
Zeļļu ielā 27;
Buļļu ielā 5;
Burtnieku iela 1;
Tālivalža iela 1b;

  • One shared bathroom for each floor
  • Shared kitchen on each floor
  • Available room types: triple rooms
  • Catering is not available in the building or area


Hostel Room typeBed per night
Mazā Lubānas iela 10


15 EUR

10 EUR

Mazā Lubānas iela 11;
Zeļļu iela 27;
Buļļu iela 5;
Burtnieku iela 1;
Tālivalža iela 1B;
Triple 5 EUR

How to book:

  1. Choose the desired hostel address and room type;
  2. Send a reservation request to, including the following information:
    • name, surname, passport or identity card (ID) number, the address of the applicant’s place of residence, preferred hostel and room type, phone, e-mail, bank account details, reservation period. In the subject of the email specify “ESSLLI”;
  3. You will receive a booking confirmation and invoice by e-mail within the couple of days. The reservation is effective after the payment is received.
  4. If you have any questions please call +371 67112260 or +37129175674 or +37129279955
  5. In a case of problems contact Aleksandrs Gerzatovics