Responsibility in Action

Jan Broersen (Utrecht University, Netherlands) and Hein Duijf (Utrecht University, Netherlands)

The recent advances of artificial intelligence and its ensuing integration in our society make it increasingly hard to determine who is responsible for certain immoral or illegal outcomes resulting from actions performed through, by, or in cooperation with AIs. By modelling the concept of responsibility formally, one can not only begin to understand these issues more rigorously and more generally, but also provide the basis for future computational mechanisms safeguarding us from legal and moral harm. In this course, we will outline how two broad formal methodologies contribute to such a formal framework of responsibility: logics of agency, and rational choice theory. As such, this course is meant to cover the basics of the theory of ‘seeing to it that’ and decision and game theory. Furthermore, the main focus of the course is on the study of responsibility from the perspective of these theories, separately and collectively.

Course Materials