Proper Names: Logic, Semantics, and Metaphysics

André Bazzoni (LOGOS, University of Barcelona, Spain)

The purpose of this introductory one-week course is to provide participants with a solid and comprehensive knowledge of historical as well as contemporary debates on the logic, semantics and metaphysics of names. Proper names are central to some of the most significant philosophical turns in the 20th century. In fact, two of the most influential articles in the philosophy of logic, language and mathematics are Frege’s ‘Über Sinn und Bedeutung’ and Russell’s ‘On denoting’, both featuring proper names as key topics. A third work (among others) later came to join them, namely Kripke’s “Naming and Necessity”, which again featured proper names at its very center, and moreover contributed, following Kripke’s previous work in the semantics of modal logic, to the recognition of the central place of proper names in the field of analytic metaphysics as well.