Probability logic, language, and the mind

Niki Pfeifer (Department of Philosophy, Universtity of Regensburg)

Uncertainty is ubiquitous in everyday life communication and reasoning. In this course, we will learn methods and tools to understand language and cognition under uncertainty.
We will get interdisciplinary perspectives by combining formal-philosophical and experimental-psychological approaches. In particular, we will understand why “coherence-based probability logic” offers a unified rationality framework for studying diverse phenomena including conditionals, counterfactuals, quantification, reasoning, and argumentation on the normative level. Moreover, on the descriptive level, we will become familiar with recent experimental-psychological results on linguistic phenomena, cognition, and reasoning under uncertainty. Specifically, we will learn about formal and experimental work on nonmonotonic reasoning, conditionals, counterfactuals, quantification, and argumentation. Finally, we will achieve a deeper understanding of what it means to be rational under incomplete knowledge and uncertainty.

Course Materials